Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Maille Salmon: Foodie Giveaway Announced!

A warm thanks goes to all of you who read my rants and participated in this giveaway. A very special thanks to Maille UK for providing the beautiful gift box for this giveaway.
Our lucky winner is Katie from Pearls & Girls blog.
Congrats to you, Katie. You're going to enjoy exploring new recipes with the fresh flavour combinations of the mustards in this posh gift box! 

Let's start the new year properly, with some very sexy flavour. Flavour does not necessarily mean fat and now that we are all trying to recover from the over-indulgence of the holidays, Maille UK has generously offered an elegant gift box of mustards for me to give to you. So now you can diet with style.

What began as a father-son family business over 250 years ago has dominated the culinary market as the leader in quality mustard. 

The French have a well-traveled taste evident in the adventurous flavours of their cuisine, the foundation of which is a commitment to fresh and best.

Maille has pushed the barriers with some very innovative flavours. 
The items in this gift box include a mango-infused vinegar (I could drink the entire bottle, but I won't because I'm saving it for you) and 3 types of mustard currently not available in the States:

*Mango and Thai Spices
*Honey and Chestnut
*Colombo and Coconut.

Columbo is cardamom, cloves, coriander, cumin, ginger, mustard, paprika, pepper, saffron and star anise. How's that for a mix?

The Maille boutique in London rivals those of top fashion designers and there are plans in process to open an online store in the US. 

Follow them on twitter to be on the look-out.
Maille has long been a mainstay in our family kitchen. Both my parents are French-educated and incorporate mustard into their culinary arsenal. But, the reason it's my favourite mustard is because it always reminds me of a very special trip, now 7 years ago.

After a few days in lovely London, Shawn & I took the underwater train to Paris. Our first stop? The Eiffel Tower, of course, just in time for the lighting at sunset. We sat on the grass, watching it sparkle like a massive Christmas tree. Just when I realized my derriere was numb and it was a good time to see about dinner, Shawn asked me a very important question!

We spent the next day at the Louvre, then wandered into an old diner across the street. The big, burly man behind the counter wearing a little white hat and a white apron looked like a retired navy officer. Our lunch was very simple - fresh baguette, a slice or two of ham and mustard. 
As soon as we got home, I went out and got several jars of Maille whole-grain mustard, because
I just could not stop thinking about it.

Recently, Mom has perfected a marinade using mustard, mayonnaise, garlic, lemon juice, salt and pepper. Simple and bursting with deliciousness. It makes salmon sing. 

Sear a nice filet, skin down, until caramelized and crispy, served with tarragon potato gratin. 
A few boiled baby potatoes and sauteed asparagus make a lovely side dish if you're short on time.
I loved this dish so much I made it twice in one week.

Maille Salmon
Serves 4

1lb salmon with skin
2 Tb Maille mustard
1 lemon, juice & zest
1 clove garlic, minced
2 Tb olive oil

2 Tb fresh tarragon
4 medium potatoes
4 Tb butter
1/4 cup heavy cream
1/4 cup grated parmesan
1 bunch asparagus
Salt & pepper to taste

Slice salmon into 4 portions. 

In a small bowl, combine mustard, lemon juice and zest, garlic, salt and pepper.
Coat salmon filets well with the marinade and set in refrigerator.

Wash and chop tarragon.

Coat the bottom of a nonstick pan with olive oil.
Slice potatoes into even, thin pieces and arrange in a circle in the pan. 
Season generously with salt and freshly cracked pepper.

Add a splash of cream,
drop a few knobs of butter, then sprinkle a pinch or two of tarragon.

Arrange another layer of potato slices and repeat.
Top with parmesan, set on medium heat for 15 minutes. Finish cooking in oven
@ 350*F just until the top is browned.

While the potatoes are cooking, add olive oil to another nonstick pan and 
heat on medium-high.
Place salmon skin-side down and sear until crispy ~5 minutes.

Chop tough ends of asparagus and arrange next to salmon in the pan.
Flip salmon to cook on top side, another 5 minutes.

Remove potato gratin from oven. Place a plate over the pan and flip
the potatoes onto the plate. Cut into 4 portions and place onto plates.
Remove asparagus and place along with salmon, skin-side up
and serve.

Win the elegant Maille gift box and find out for yourself how gorgeous this salmon tastes.

To enter, just tell me how you will use this exceptional mustard by leaving a comment below - brownie points for clever ideas like using it in a facial mask. 
Just kidding.
You can also enter in the contest by following me or posting to my facebook page.
Contest open to US & Canada residents only.
Winner will be selected randomly on February 1st.
The postie will deliver your gift in time for Valentine's dinner.

The cornerstone of French cuisine is indulging in simplicity.
Invest in a few elegant ingredients and eat like a French chef. 
No one will ever know you didn't go to culinary school.
And your guests will fight over who does the dishes.


  1. Let's see . . . I'd use the mustards in steak recipes, to make salad dressings, on my veggie sandwiches, and the list goes on! Delish!

  2. How fun! Karl & I wandered into the Maille boutique in Dijon, France while we were there this past summer. If I'm not using it for vinaigrette, I love to dip a grown-up grilled cheese into dijon-style mustard. I think the mango mustard from this gift set would be particularly nice with an extra-sharp cheddar grilled cheese with apple slices! Thanks for the giveaway, Colette :)

    1. Grilled cheese sandwhiches are a childhood fav for me. Your mustard idea makes it sophisticated. Love it, Carly!

  3. Hi Colette,

    I'm like to cook with Maille mustard too.

    Sad that I can't participate this giveaway because I'm not a US resident.


  4. Oh I love this mustard on sausage. My husband and I visited Dijon this past summer and feel in love with the cute city known for mustard.

  5. such a lovely,fragrant and beautiful way of having salmon,thanks for sharing this delicious recipe :-)

  6. Colette - Maille is THE mustard of choice for our home! My vinaigrette (which always elicits compliments) is made with Maille. I used it also with salmon, mixed with balsamic vinegar, brown sugar and cayenne as a glaze. I slather pork tenderloins with it and then roll them in cracked fennel. Naturally, it goes on almost every sandwich I make, especially Croque Madame and Croque Monsieur. Finally, and perhaps my favorite use of it, is to put a small dollop on homemade pâté and top that with a cornichon. And THAT, my dear friend, is MY French background coming through! xox

    1. Ok, those area all great ideas, some new to me. Thanks, David. I'm always looking for ways to change up the menu @ home. xo

  7. I completely forgot to say that the salmon looks wonderful! AND, I forgot to ask: what did Shawn ask you while looking at the Eiffel Tower?

    1. Thanks, D. I actually am not very happy w the pics - the salmon was much more delicious than it looks, the skin perfectly crispy with delicious flavour.

      Ah, nearly 7 years ago, on that lovely evening, Shawn asked me to be his Mrs!

  8. I found this online: For a mustard-infused bath combine 2 tablespoons of mustard and 1 teaspoon of Epsom salts in your warm running bath water. Mustard will amplify the therapeutic effects of the salts! OR rub mustard on a tin pie plate and hang it on a post near your garden. One mustard-covered plate per corner will keep the critters out.
    Ok, I probably wouldn't waste this great mustard on this, but rather I would use the Honey and Chestnut mustard to make Outback Steakhouse's Alice Springs Chicken!
    Digicats {at} Sbcglobal {dot} Net

    1. Oh, Carolsue, you crack me up!
      Thanks for doing such great research. Those are actually great tips, but you're right, not with Maille-quality mustard.
      Thanks for stopping by and partificipating in my contest. Good luck!

  9. I like to marinate my chicken and pork in mustard. And other ingredients depending on my side dishes. Honey mustard or garlic & herb.

  10. Looking forward to adding a pinch in my Hollandaise sauce, and in deviled eggs.

    1. Would be lovely in Hollandaise. Good call!
      Mom adds a teaspoon to her bechamel for beef stroganoff - it is so good.
      Thanks for reading. Very happy to have you here.

  11. I could have sworn I entered already - I even remember what I wrote! Maybe I just dreamed it. I would use it to make sauerkraut with German cured pork and mashed potatoes; our German friends just made it for us for dinner and served it up with no less than 10 different kinds of mustards - so delicious!

    1. TEN types of mustard?! Daaaamn, that's impressive.

      Snixy, you were dreaming about that meal and I can understand why!
      Sounds lovely. xo

  12. I love Maille mustard, the winner is going to be very lucky! Your salmon recipe sounds incredible. Thanks for sharing.

    1. Hi there. Love your blog, too. Happy to "meet" ya.

  13. Mmmm. Mustard? Oh yes, please! It's my secret ingredient in scrambled eggs (brightens the yolk flavor) and I love it in salad dressings and for dredging chicken tenders in mustard before rolling in panko for a healthier oven-fried nugget. Not to mention sandwiches! :)

    1. You devil, who knew about the scrambled eggs. I'm so gonna try that this w/end!
      Thanks, Ani. xo

  14. Hi Colette- so funny I thought they were going out of business years ago. So I bought a bunch of there seedy mustard because I love it. Now you post this. Happy they did not go out of business and love the flavors here.

    When I was a kid I used to put mustard on my toast instead of butter. I loved it.

  15. Looks great. Salmon with mustard sounds wonderful, delicious pairing with potatoes.

  16. What a wonderful salmon dish - fabulous flavors:)
    Mary x


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